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Cell Phones, Computers, and Tablets (oh my!) are definitely the most common gadgets that are brought in for repairs. However, we understand there are a range of other electronics that need fixing from time to time. That’s why our technicians are trained to tackle all other electronics repairs like the Sony PlayStation, the Nintendo Switch/ 3DS, Microsoft’s Xbox, Apple watches, and more! We also offer a variety of accessories like cases, screen protectors and chargers.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, etc) are similar to computers when it comes to the internals and how they work. They too have a CPU and a GPU as well as a hard/ssd drive and motherboard. Any of these components can give out over time especially if the consoles are not maintained properly. That is why it is important to bring in your console around every 2 years for a routine cleaning to avoid overheating. If your console needs repair, we can fix it! 


We can repair any smartwatch like the Apple iWatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit and more. However, sometimes the watches are not worth quite as much as when they just came out so we will do some research and let you know if it is reasonable to repair or simply buy a new one for the same cost if not less!


Come in today to get your device protected and looking right with one of our durable cases and/or screen protectors. Need a charger? We’ve got that too!!